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About Me

Hey there! I am an Honors Computer Science Major at Texas A&M University's Engineering College! I have a passion for all things Software and Data, but I'm always open to explore new life paths. I love CS for the puzzle-like nature of back-end engineering, the artistic and creative freedom of UI/UX, and the journey of discovering subtle and insightful information with Data Science. When I'm not working, I'm grinding my latest favorite FPS game, practicing new classical piano pieces (it's like meditation), failing to cook a new recipe, or taking a trip to my apartment gym for a workout! I am always eager to learn useful skills and never back down from a challenge 😎.

Quick Facts:

  • Studying CS @ TAMU, from 2021 - 2024
  • Minor in Mathematics (Statistics-focused Coursework)
  • Has over $600 worth of stationary for no particular reason 🖋️
  • Is lactose intolerant 🥛
  • Skates, but gets injured a lot (still worth getting to class in 1/4 the time) 🛹
Georgia Mountain Pumpkin Patch TAMU campus

Work Experience

Peer Teacher / TA @ Texas A&M University College of Engineering

August 2022 - Present

Although teaching is as fun as it looks, it's not as easy as it looks. As a Peer Teacher for the College of Engineering, I taught 3 different courses.

ENGR 102: Engineering Computation. A python and software design course focused on common design paradigms and computer applications. Taught two sections of 100+ students each, held office hours, and graded 200+ lab assignments and exams. Led exam review solo whenever midterms and finals approached.

ENGR 216: Experimental Physics. A physics course focused on engineering problems, including critical statistics concepts such as error propagation and confidence intervals. Taught 6 sections of 30+ students each, held additional office hours, and graded assignments.

CLEN 261: Engineering Profession. Led 2-hour recitations alone for 100+ students weekly. Guided Students along a semester-long project based on the NAE Grand Challenge.


Investart Up: Financial Literacy Simulation.

HACKATHON 2023 - January

Express JS

Personal Finance is one of those topics that are highly valuable, but children rarely learn it until they're adults. As every single successful investor says: start early! That's why we made a simulation that's easy to pick up, but it helps train good habits. Patience, Research, and Proactivity are one of the many key skills you need to become financially successful!

This app grabs historical stock data from an API to simulate a stock market, with some key differences. Once in a while, a scandal or sensational news article will appear, but you won't be notified. To promote proactivity and research, you'll have to actively check the latest news, which may give you hints about the future stock prices...

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Portfolio: You're looking at it.

December 2022 - Present

Bootstrap 5.3

Resumes are boring no matter what you put on it. I decided a website was the best way to portray that with a bit of front-end skills and artistic freedom. Here's a little sneak peek into the design and thought process...

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Blubot: Discord Music and Utility Application

May 2022 - Present


It's hard to organize a quick five-man team to play games with a group of friends when people are committing and uncommitting. If there's no bot out there that makes a sign up UI, why don't I make one? There's plenty of music bots out there, but I think I can make a better one. Self-updating UI on a thread, control panel as intuitive as Spotify, and a fully functioning queue with history. It runs on a containerized daemon in an AWS EC2 instance and has full documentation on the repository. Check it out!

Visit Blubot

🤖 Blubot

Discord Python AWS Ubuntu Visual Studio Code

This is a fully functioning Discord Bot with polling, event signups, full-blown music player + GUI, timers, and more miscellaneous applications and tools!

🧐 Features

Here's a rundown of a few core features...

🎮 The .game [@role mention] [max number of players] creates a GUI that keeps track of people signed up for a particular team. Select add or remove to add/remove yourself from the list. perhaps is a toggle button signaling interest, but not commitment.

alt text

alt text

When a team is full, newcomers can no longer add themselves, so they will have to wait for somebody else currently on the roster to leave.

alt text

❓ The .poll "[question] [optional: choices] is a simple way to show a poll. Omitting any choices automatically creates a yes/no poll, while additional arguments separated by spaces will be considered choices. If an option has a space in it, you can encase it in quotations.

Users can only choose one choice. Clicking another choice will remove you from the current one, or you can click your current choice again to opt-out.

alt text

Here, I typed .poll "Favorite Pizza Brand?" Domino's "Pizza Hut" "Papa John's"

alt text

🪙 The .cf command simply creates a button that lets you flip a coin. Click it multiple times, and something will change...

alt text

alt text

📢 Encased in the utility.py Cog, the .spam [@user] [number of times] command lets you become very annoying, perhaps for the sake of bringing to attention to somebody who frequently AFKs...

alt text

🎵 The Music Module 🎷

The most robust portion of the Bot, the music bot. Utilizing countless dependencies, you can simply get started by joining a voice channel, then using .p, .q, .pn, or discord's new slash command, /play.

Here, I use /play Minecraft Background Music 5 or .p Minecraft Background Music -5 to begin searching for the top 5 results. If the number of results is omitted, it will play the top song.

alt text

Click the button corresponding to the song you'd like to play

alt text

Now, use /control or .ctrl to pull up the controller/interface. It displays the current playing song, a live progress bar, timestamp, and the current queue. You may click the buttons: back, pause/play, forward, shuffle queue, update control panel (in case it updates too slow) or just use commands to do the same.

alt text

This is the list of registered slash commands.

  • /back: go back a song
  • /clear: clears the queue
  • /control: brings up control panel, disables old ones
  • /help_music: lists commands for music player
  • /leave: leaves the channel
  • /pause: pauses the song
  • /play: adds selected song to front of queue
  • /playnow: skips current song and plays selected song
  • /queue: adds selected song to back of queue
  • /restart: replays current song
  • /resume: resumes the song
  • /skip: go forward a song

alt text

💪 Setting Up for Your Project

Make sure you've read Discord's tutorial on setting up your bot on discord before you try running code. This will assume your bot is registered and ready to go, or you've got a template.

📂 Creating a Workspace

This is somewhat optional, but creating a clean workspace without conflicting/unknown programs and dependencies minimizes possible errors

  • create a clean directory and download source files OR use git clone [repository URL]

    • simply create a new folder of your desired location or in a terminal, type mkdir Blubot

    • navigate to the directory/folder

  • install python's virtual environment

    • pip install virtualenv or py -m pip install virtualenv (use whichever alias is applicable for your python interpreter. PowerShell uses the alias py)
  • set up and activate the virtual environment

    • py -m venv env to create the virtual environment, where venv is the name of the module and env is the name of the actual environment

    • ./env/Scripts/activate to enter the virtual environment. Linux-based virtual environments will have a different path

🖊️ Dependency Requirements

If you're not using virtual environments, make sure conflicting modules such as discord are uninstalled before you begin. Then, install these dependencies.

pip install [dependency] or py -m pip install [dependency]

  • py-cord

  • requests

  • youtube-dl

  • python-dotenv

  • PyNaCl


FFmpeg is an application that enables audio playback and gives Blubot the ability to play music. Make sure the application ffmpeg is downloaded.

For Windows:

  • install ffmpeg

    • go to https://www.gyan.dev/ffmpeg/builds/

    • install ffmpeg-git-essentials.7z from the git master branch build

    • extract the folder with 7z and put it in desired location; We will put the folder directly in C:\ drive (and will rename to simply ffmpeg)

  • set environment variable (so ffmpeg can be accessed)

    • go to Windows Start 🪟 and type environment variables to open edit the system environment variables

    • go to environment variables...

    • scroll down system variables list until you find the variable Path

    • click Edit... then New

    • type the absolute path of the ffmpeg executable folder aka "bin". Since we put the downloaded folder in the C:\ drive, the path is C:\ffmpeg\bin

  • verify that ffmpeg was installed correctly:

    • open Command Prompt or PowerShell

    • type ffmpeg -version or just ffmpeg, and you should get some non-error response.

🏃‍♂️💨 Run the Project

👨‍💻 Configure Code

There are some minor changes you must make for the code to work, since this Bot is personalized.

  • In the main.py file where the bot is being initialized, locate debug_guilds. Here you have two choices:

    1. To make the bot global, simply delete the keyword argument and the list. This is usually slow and takes minutes for Blubot to register

    2. To make it available on a few servers and for quick setup, add your own desired Server IDs in the list. Refer to this article to find your server id.

  • Set up your API Token, the password that lets you actually control your bot. Make sure to keep it off the internet or put it somewhere safe.

    • Find your API Token in the Developer Dashboard

    • Select your app > Go down to Bot > Copy or Reset your Token

    • In the Blubot directory, create a file called .env which will serve as your secret file

    • Type BLUBOT_API_TOKEN = 'YOUR TOKEN HERE' and save it. You may change the name of the variable as long as the same variable name is changed in main.py

Once you're in the Blubot repository, simply run the driver application:

py .\source\main.py

Have fun!

✉️ Contact

If you have questions, email me at steven2003mao@gmail.com

American Airlines

November 2022 - Present


A data science and statistics focused team project. Given an official and raw dataset of airport-related activity from American Airlines, the goal is to design and implement a machine learning model that will predict the amount of checked bags given any time, source, destination, airport, and more parameters. This is an ongoing project whose goal is incredibly simple yet the solution is more sophisticated than it seems.


August 2022 - December 2022

Selenium WebDriver

Agtern was a team project led by a good friend. A software focused on getting University Students internships, its main functions were to scrape across many websites, categorize and identify their appropriate major-specific attributes, and display them on a nice GUI. The majority of my contribution was towards developing the GUI. We first began using Python's abhhorently ugly Tkinter module, which, similar to Java FX/SceneBuilder and other desktop GUI programs, was divided into "frames" or "panels", the equivalent of a stylized div. Soon, we realized the Windows Vista-like GUI wasn't going to fly, so we then transitioned to Angular. Despite copying the exact same UI structure, it looked many degrees better! Here's some old iterations of different frameworks used during the process...

Watch Our MVP Demo

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